Felix Lubega

Felix Lubega

The Art of Assemblage

Felix has interest in the texture which leads him to ever-bold experiments with found objects. Felix explores the possibilities of collage resulting into informal abstraction as a means of exploring the difference between representation and reality. He utilizes his furniture making skills in metal and wood to create abstract relief sculpture.

Felix uses two dimensional as real space, that retains the idea of illusionism and applied space, space around form, texture and color; An art work can be as powerful as it is thought to be. Actual space is powerful and specific on a flat surface, simplicity of shape and unitary forms emphasize relationships. There is a sense of order created, taking the form proposed by Felix. He provides a partial image of a complete order throughout all the space that can be imagined and leaves the spectator to fill in the rest.


Felix Lubega:  born in Kabowa Village, Kampala, Central Uganda, aged 37.

“I acquired my artistic practice since childhood and throughout my formal primary and secondary school education. I enjoyed doing art as penciled drawing, clay making and powder painting”.

Since 2003, Felix has followed his personal vision and his success in drawing and painting at school was the motivation that led him to continue his artistic activities, though he never to any visual arts institution.

His interest in Visual art grew after seeing an expressive banana fiber mosaic which he admired and carefully studied , leading him to coming up with ideas and reproducing them through his sister Jane Francis Namusoke. He was introduced to an art lecturer at MTSIFA who started giving him technical assistance, guidance until he offered his first artworks for sale in a group exhibition at Makerere School of Industrial and Fine arts in 2003. He concentrated on banana fiber mosaics of portraits of people in his circles.

Felix developed his visual artistic talents toward old weather beaten found objects and placed them in confrontation with new materials like wood, bark cloth and metal inspiring a feeling of respect with regard to the material. Felix has had several relief sculpture exhibitions with AKA gallery which has earned him income and exposed him to visual Art collectors in Uganda and abroad.