John Odoch

John Odoch

Also known as "Odochameny" John was born in 1948 in Lira, Uganda. He lives and works since 1989 as a sculptor in Malaba, Uganda, and is best known for his individual expressive style and tactile handling of the stone, wood and iron used to create his sculptures.

Barely a year after John Odoch-Ameny began studying art at Makarere University in 1970, Idi Amin came to power in a coup. Uganda’s subsequent history is marked by civil war and the economic ruination of a once rich country. John Odoch-Ameny escaped the worsening situation by moving to Kenya in the mid-1970s, lived in California for a while and returned to Uganda only some 20 years later.

John's early sculptural work uses soft wood, creating figures with convoluted bodies whose limbs seem reminiscent of insects. Their expressiveness is equally evident in his stone sculptures. Since the late 1980s, John Odoch-Ameny has worked mainly in metal. His bizarre assemblages of pistons, chains, telephone receivers, bells and typewriter parts address topics related to technology and everyday life in East Africa.

1968 - 1973 Art study at the Makerere University of Kampala, Uganda.

1974 - 1983 Director of the Department of Fine Arts at Obote College in Lira, Uganda.

1984 - 1985 Assistant at the Makerere Art School, faculty, sculpture, Makerere University, Uganda.

Production manager in the gallery African Heritage, Nairobi, Kenya

1988 - 1989 Scholarship in Oakland, California, USA