About AKA Gallery

AKA Gallery

AFRIK KONTEMP ART GALLERY (AKA) is one of the leading contemporary visual art galleries in East Africa. It was established in 1995 as Tulifanya gallery, and later in 2011 changed directors and became AKA gallery. The gallery represents some of the best known artists/designers from the region. AKA Art Gallery organizes 8 major exhibitions every year, group shows especially for Young artists and handicrafts producers, and provides high quality customized framing.

AKA is a registered member of UGAFAT (Uganda Federation for Alternative Trade) and WFTO- Africa/Middle East (World Fair Trade Organization Africa/Middle East, both of which subscribe to WFTO Global. AKA believes in the fair trade values and principles.

AKA’s vision is to be a hub for national and international quality contemporary modern and historical artworks, designs and crafts in an environment that enables the nurturing of competence, confidence, creativity, innovation and professional interactions amongst the self-taught and formally trained artists and handicrafts artisans.

AKA aims to work with artists and artisans efficiently with great transparency, and seeks for partners to engage in real development partnerships that take community needs, local initiatives and knowledge into account. AKA strives to meet the social and economic needs of the artists and artisans by helping them to generate fair trade income.

It is dedicated to the promotion of artists/designers from Uganda and East Africa exhibiting paintings, sculptures, ceramics and handicrafts.
The gallery has extended its activities beyond the exhibition space for the artists/designers and crafts producers to providing entrepreneurship and apprenticeship skills and capacity building of stakeholders in the community who have an abundance of locally available materials but do not know how to turn these into money making ventures.

We have a professional framing workshop, specializing in handmade wooden frames, for all framing requirements such as photos, posters, oil paintings, certificates and other items.

AKA gallery is located in the outskirts of Kampala, in a calm and welcoming environment. It is worth a visit for all established and emerging art collectors. The gallery offers the opportunity to experience the visual artistic impressions.